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10 Ways To Get Direct PTC Referrals


tips to get direct ptc referrals

The key to success in Paid-To-Click sites depends on the numbers of direct referrals you have. The referral is a person who joins PTC sites through your referral link. By having a large number of direct referrals means more income for you at no cost. Here you can find some really effective ways to get more direct referrals for your ptc site.

1. Create a Website or Blog:

This method takes a more time before you see results. But its most effective. The best part of using a blog or website we can promote all our referral links in one place. You can get your free blog using Blogger or WordPress. You need not to worry in creating a blog, these services have tutorials to show you step by step to get your blog ready.

2. Downlinerefs.com:

On DownlineRefs, there are several ways to earn credits, by joining other members programs, by clicking ads, buying credits, and by referring members. You can offer earned credits to other members to join your PTC sites.

3. Traffic Exchange Websites:

On traffic exchanges we surf pages to earn credits. We can use those credits to promote your PTC referral links, blogs, or websites. Here you can find the best Traffic Exchange sites to get unlimited direct PTC referrals. Not only referals you can earn also few dollars daily with these best TE sites.

Top 10 Recommended Traffic Exchanges Sites:

1. EasyHits4U
2. Blue-Surf
3. LegacyHits
4. ILoveHits
5. Hit2Hit
6. RealHitz4U
7. TrafficSwarm
8. HitSafari
9. SkyscraperSurf
10. TrafficGoldRush

4. Social Networking Websites:

Add you links or banners to profiles of Facebook, Twitter, and other social network sites. Don’t spam your profiles with your links.

5. PPC  (Pay Per Click):

The most effective way to get direct referral is to advertise your referal links. Yes its expansive but you know the saying the more you put into the business the more you get out of it and the long, and advertising is a great to get unlimited referrals.

Recommended websites:

1. Adwords.google.com 

2. Adhitz.com

6. Online Forums:

There are many forums on the interent. You can add your links in your signature part. To add your links click on the profile button and edit signature. If you participate in more discussions your links gets more exposure. Don’t spam with your links.

7. Advertise on Different PTC sites:

Buy banner ads or PTC ads in other PTC sites will be very effective way to get more referrals. Instead of promoting individual links, I would suggest you to create a blog or website, so that you can promote all your links in one place.

8. Create a Facebook Fan Page

Create a fanppage on Facebook about PTC programs or ‘how to make money online’ and post updates, reiews, payment proofs, and encourrage people to like & share your page.

9. Write Reviews

Use your blog to write reviews about new PTC sites and you will get more visitors to your blog over time.

10. Use Ad Rotators

You can use different ad rotators. They are less expensive but very effective. You can easily advertise your multiple referral links through ad rotators. List of different ad rotators:

1) WorldRotator.com

2) Rotate4All.com

3) Rotate4Ads.com

4) MyAdRotator.com

5) Ads4Rotate.com

6) Pay2Rotate.com

7) All2Rotate.com

8) GrandRotator.com

9) SpinMyTraffic.com

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