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Scam PTC Sites – Some Useful Tips To Detect Fraud By Yourself

detect ptc fraud sites

Some useful information, tips and ways that can be used to identify scam PTC sites and helps in deciding the reliability of a specific paid –to-click site:


  • Do your own research finding rates and votes for the site you are interested
  • Visit the site’s forum to check for complaints regarding payment delays or support, payment proofs and members opinions
  • Check the reliability of the site by the time it is functioning. Usually older sites are secure while new ones are under testing
  • Check the site domain’s name (free or normal) and the history of the owner


  • The site has no forum
  • There is no posting on the forum
  • The forum is abandoned (admin not available for a time period)
  • There is no ‘help’ or ‘support’ section
  • The forum is posted only by the admin
  • There is no answer by the admin within 48 hours or your post is deleted from the forum
  • The forum has low activity
  • The forum has been reset for no apparent reasons
  • The forum link is not available in home/index page
  • The forum requests ‘login required’ or ‘only registered members are allowed to access this section'(there is always something to hide)
  • Trying to register to forum and appears ‘… admin will review your account and if approved you will receive an email… ‘
  • Trying to post on forum and appears ‘… this message has been submitted successfully, but it will be approved by admin… ‘


  • The site has a low or free script
  • There are a lot of images with more money, luxury cars or even girls in bikinis
  • Very (excessively) large writing on the site
  • Same script as other major scams: Bux.to, Bux3…
  • The menu is (almost) invisible
  • Writing on the site is illegible
  • Background color of the site is so dark that writing (reading) becomes almost impossible: blue background with purple writing


  • The site has a free domain
  • The domain name includes words: free, instant,… as compounds
  • The domain name is too long


  • The site is promising big dreamy earnings: $0.5-$10 per click or $20-10000 to cashout
  • The site’s ‘total paid’ cannot be justified by the usual $ per click and the site’s time existence
  • Minimum cashout is changed from day to day
  • Payment history not showing date of request
  • In payment history there is a payment appearing to be send but not received in fact
  • The site is paying only part of the members
  • There are no payment proof (or at least 50%) in forums with their screen shot
  • Members have to invest some of the earnings before cashout
  • Members being paid only 10-50% of their request
  • Withdrawal fees are more than 105 or the amount requested
  • The site advertising ‘instant payment’ and in fact payments require time to be send, even if TOS is changed


  • The TOS does not exist
  • The TOS is hidden or not 100% visible, partially hidden by an ad
  • The TOS is changing very often
  • In TOS there is no mention of minimum payout, costs of referrals or details in payment procedure
  • In TOS there is no mention about referrals (how many referrals allowed, what is the cost of renting or buying them, etc)
  • The TOS contains irrational rules: ‘WE have the right to suspend or delete your account for any? reason without further notice’ or ‘All your referrals will be deleted and returned to the renting pool after requesting payout’


  • Do not tell anyone your password or use the same password for all paying services, email address Payza, Paypal or Alertpay
  • Use if possible only personal PC to login or register
  • Do not register right away to a new site before checking
image credit: David Castillo Dominici
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