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NeoBux: Golden Membership Overview

Becoming a Golden member in NeoBux is where the fun begins! Essentially, your revenue doubles, while all costs remain the same. There is an annual investment to become a Golden member, which is currently $90 per year. This post will take an in- depth look at the costs and benefits of being a NeoBux golden member, and we will also compare and contrast some features with standard membership.

How to Upgrade to a Golden Member

Before you can upgrade to a golden member, you have to satisfy two prerequisites:

  • You have to be a standard member for 15 days before upgrading to golden
  • You have to click at least 100 ads yourself before upgrading to golden

Upgrading-golden once these prerequisites have been satisfied, login to your NeoBux dashboard and click the green plus sign, next to your membership type in the top right of the screen:

As mentioned before, it is a $90 annual fee. You can pay via your main NeoBux balance, PayPal, Payza, Neteller, or for a mere 30,000 NeoPoints!

Rented Referral Restrictions for Golden Members

Renting referrals works a little differently for golden members than it does for standard members. Firstly, you are restricted to a maximum of 2,000 rented referrals (300 for standard).

The main difference in renting referrals is when and how you are allowed to rent them. As a standard member, you can rent at any time after 7 days since the last time you rented. Golden members still have to adhere to this restriction, but unlike standard members, you only have 2 hours during a calendar day when you can rent. So for example, 9am and 9pm. You set these as your rental times once you become golden.

Following on from the above, it is much harder to rent referrals as a golden member. This is due to higher demand. So, say you’re sitting at your PC 7 days since you last rented, at the allotted times for your rentals (in this example, 9am or 9pm), there’s a fair chance you won’t be able to rent any referrals if you are not quick enough – there’s thousands of other members competing for limited referrals who will have the same hours picked as yourself.

Tip: Before you go golden, max out your rented referrals to 300 as a standard member, giving you a good head start as a golden member!

Using the Rented Referral Queue

The rental queue is a system NeoBux employs to quell the frustration of not being able to rent referrals as a golden member. There is a fixed number of referrals you can queue to rent. In you first year as a golden member, that number is 55, in your second onward, it is 65. You have to satisfy several conditions in order to use the rental queuing system:

  • You must have sufficient funds in your rental balance
  • You must have waited at least 7 days since you last rented
  • You must have under 2,000 rented referrals

There are 2 types of rental queues, standard and express.

It can take up to 2 weeks for rented referrals to be delivered via the standard queue Rented Referrals cost 1.5x as much via the standard queue RRs are delivered within 24 hours via the express queue but cost twice as much!

Double seems like a steep cost to pay, and compared to the standard cost, it is. However, bear in mind that AutoPay and renewal costs will be applied at the standard rate dependent on the number of rented referrals you have. It’s only the initial cost that is elevated.

Why Upgrade to Golden Membership?

There are several reasons. The most obvious is your rented referrals commissions per click double when you are a golden member. Here’s a comparison for the various memberships:

neobux rented referals

Note: You do not get any click commissions for RRs clicking on purple fixed ads, nor for Micro or Mini Advertisements.

In addition, as a golden member you get slightly higher performing rented referrals than a standard member due to the filter activity distribution NeoBux employs. Depending on your membership, you will only receive rented referrals that have clicked:

  • 11 ad clicks in the last 5 days as a standard member (average 2.20)
  • 14 ad clicks in the last 6 days as a golden member (average 2.33)
  • 17 ad clicks in the last 7 days as an ultimate member (average 2.43)

Costs associated with renting referrals remain the same. This halves your break even point and makes it much easier to make a good profit.

Increase in Direct Referral Income and Number of Direct Referrals Allowed

The click commission for direct referrals also increases over a standard member: neobux dr goldenOn the subject of direct referrals, remember you are limited to how many direct referrals you can have dependent on your membership level, as follows:

  • Standard (30)
  • Golden (200)
  • Emerald (250)
  • Sapphire (300)
  • Platinum (400)
  • Diamond (400)
  • Ultimate (Unlimited)

These are starting values. The longer you are a member, the more referrals you can have. As a golden member, for every 2 days over 30 days you are a member, you are entitled to 1 more direct referral. For example, if you have been a member for 200 days, you are entitled to 200 + ((200-30)/2) = 285 direct referrals.

Increase in Allowed Rented Referrals

As a standard member, you are allowed only 300 rented referrals. As golden, 2,000. This number increases with “add-on” packs
that convert your membership to Emerald, Sapphire, Platinum, Diamond and Ultimate as follows:

  • Standard (300)
  • Golden (2000)
  • Emerald (2000)
  • Platinum (2000)
  • Sapphire (2500)
  • Diamond (3000)
  • Ultimate (4000)

 NeoBux Golden Membership Summary

Ultimately, everyone that joins NeoBux should have in mind to upgrade to a golden member sooner or later, as you can make significantly more as a golden member. The $90 per year may be off-putting to some people. I would remind you, NeoBux has been around for 7 years and has over 50 million members – it’s not a fly by night type of business.


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