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Top 10 PTC Tips

10 paid-to-click tips

1. Choose Paid-To-Click sites wisely:

Choosing the right PTC sites is vital, if you want to succeed in making a profit. There are a few important things that you can easily check about a PTC website, to avoid investing your time and effort in sites that do not worth it. You can investigate about the site’s reputation by searching in Google. Furthermore, it is useful to check the reputation of the site’s administrator and what his/her background is. In the forums you can form a good picture of the site by reading other people comments/complaints, find payment proof and of course checking for the admins attendance. Other good ways to check if a PTC site is legit are to look for missing parameters in the TOS (Terms of Service), years of activity, unprofessional design, unreal earning possibilities etc.

2. Join many PTC websites:

Clicking the daily ads of one PTC site alone takes only 5 minutes but does not have a decent monetary output by itself. A common method that most people use in the PTC community is to register in as many of the best & legitimate PTC sites that they can in order to multiply their earnings. It is up to you to decide how many sites you want to register to, how much time you want to invest and what goals you want to achieve.

3. Use different usernames and passwords:

This does not happen very often, but it is possible that your account name and password might be hacked/stolen and used by someone to cash out your earnings. To avoid getting hacked you simply have to use different passwords in each PTC site you choose to register to. Another tip is to include upper case, lower case and numerical characters in your password to make it more secure.

4. Organizing your work:

Bookmark all your PTC sites to a specific folder in your browser, to be able to easily locate them. Saving your passwords in the browser cache is also helpful, to avoid typing them again each time you login.

5. Set up a plan to achieve your goals:

As in every business endeavor, planning is crucial in order to reach your goals, it’s the same thing in your occupation with PTC sites. It will be beneficial for you in the long run, if you are specific about your objectives and try to plan your moves from the start. So think about the goal you want to achieve and try to implement a strategy that includes every possible mean that will help you get there. Do some research and try to constantly improve your methods by working on them on a daily basis.

6. Click on many sites simultaneously:

You can save valuable time by opening 2 or 4 windows simultaneously on your screen and click on many advertisements at the same time. Be aware that some of the PTC sites don’t allow you to switch windows and if you do, they freeze the ad timers. So what you have to do is improvise, taking under account what clicking cycle will be less time consuming and stick to it on a
daily basis.

7. Track your progress and earnings:

PTC sites have many differences in their mechanics and there are quite a lot of variables that one must take under account in order to maintain a stable earning rate, instead of having a loss. It is important to monitor your earnings in detail and even create an Excel form to help you keep track of your progress.

8. Investment – Upgrades:

Be careful not to rush in making investments in PTC sites without being familiar with their mechanics or without having proof that they are legitimate. Make sure that the site pays its members in under half a month and that its “per click” paying rate is not above $0.02 (these sites usually turn out to be scams). Before making an upgrade, it is best to having already evaluated its sustainability, TOS, paying rates, referral outputs and referring possibilities etc.

9. Cash Out:

Remember to cash out regularly in reasonable periods of time. It is never certain that a PTC site will be active forever, thus you have to protect your investments and earnings in case an admin decides to “abandon ship”.

10. Don’t give up:

Make a blog, create a website, refer your friends, refer your family, advertise through social media, print your referral link on flyers, recruit people in chat rooms, create videos, promote in PTC sites, promote by emails, car stickers…….but above all: Don’t Give Up! Despite all the negative things that you have to deal with along the way, do not quit! Be consistent and the time will come that your efforts will be rewarded.

image credits: Stuart Miles

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